Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Asbestos testing take?

Once our technicians come out for the asbestos testing, it takes 3-5 business days for
us to send you the Asbestos Report.

How long does asbestos abatement take?

Depending on the scale of the job, if it is a small renovation like a kitchen or bathroom,
those are often completed in 2 days or less. If you wanted to do a complete home, it
would take roughly 5 days. All other larger commercial asbestos abatement projects
would take longer in most cases.

Where is asbestos commonly found?

Asbestos is most commonly found in asbestos in drywall. There is often asbestos in
vinyl flooring as well as asbestos containing insulation.

What should I do if I disturb the asbestos containing material?

It is very important that you cover up the disturbed asbestos containing area. Then
immediately call an asbestos abatement team to remove and decontaminate your

How many samples do you need to take?

If you wanted to test the entirety of your residential home, there would be roughy 20-30 samples. The asbestos testing would contain samples of drywall, vinyl flooring, insulation, shingles, mastic and all other possible asbestos containing materials.

Can I get asbestos abatement done without the asbestos testing?

The asbestos report is vital to preforming any asbestos abatement activities as the asbestos testing accurately details which materials contain asbestos such as drywall and vinyl flooring.

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