Asbestos Disposal

A Comprehensive Guide to Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos containing materials can only be disposed of at approved landfill sites. If you have asbestos containing drywall, it cannot be disposed of anywhere in BC – It must be sent to a specific landfill in Alberta. However, any other types of asbestos containing materials, such as vinyl flooring or insulation, can be disposed of at the Vancouver landfill. All asbestos containing materials but my double bagged with 6-mil thick poly bags with specified asbestos labelling in order to be disposed of. As a homeowner, you are allowed to dispose of a small amount of bags at the landfill (ex. Bathroom renovation with small amount of asbestos removal). If you are doing an extensive renovation or a demolition of a home, an asbestos disposal company must be hired as there is a hazardous load designation that is required to transport large amounts of hazardous materials. That contractor will provide a Waste Manifest that is generated by the Ministry of Environment that you shall keep for your records. For any further questions/concerns, please give Green Clover Asbestos a call to help with all of your asbestos needs!

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