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Whether you need asbestos remediation at your personal home or a commercial building, our asbestos removal technicians can do it all! All of our personnel are WorkSafe BC Accredited as well as AHERA certified.

Our asbestos remediation team has years of experience working on residential homes. We also have a dedicated commercial asbestos removal team that has frequently worked with BC Housing for larger projects that have been done not only in Vancouver or the lower mainland, but all over British Columbia.

For your Vancouver asbestos remediation project, we have a great working relationship with the Qualified Professionals that will be inspecting and over looking the asbestos removal at your residential home.

For other cities like North Vancouver Asbestos remediation, a Qualified Professional is not required by the city and therefore you save costs and can move along to the demolition of your home right away. This is the same with Delta Asbestos remediation and Surrey asbestos remediation.

However in cities like White Rock, after your asbestos remediation project is finished, all of our clearance letter and Notice of project documents submitted to WorkSafe BC must be submitted to the city prior to the issuance of your demolition project.

We can see that more and more cities are adding more stringent regulations for asbestos removal work and soon expect all cities to require Qualified Professionals to overlook all asbestos remediation projects. The next city we expect to see this implemented is for projects in Richmond asbestos remediation.

Not all projects involving asbestos removal are for demolition projects, most are actually residential and commercial renovations. We can be your one stop shop and get your asbestos testing and asbestos removal done all within our company.

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We service a large variety of cities! While we primarily operate our Vancouver asbestos testing, we also provide our asbestos abatement services in Richmond and Burnaby! One of the many benefits of using us is that Green Clover Asbestos serves over 15 locations so you can be confident that we can serve your area.

Our range of cities we serve are far and wide! We offer our Asbestos Testing in multiple cities. We also offer testing outside of the lower mainland. We have Victoria, Kamloops and Kelowna asbestos testing. While we understand that these cities may be considered far from the city of vancouver and surrounding areas, our on the road team will make sure all of your asbestos abatement projects are done on time and safely.

After the asbestos testing, our asbestos abatement team can safely dispose of all asbestos containing materials such as drywall and vinyl flooring. We assure you that all of your testing and abatement needs are done on time and following all WorkSafe BC Safety precautions will be followed.

While working near north vancouver, we also offer services such as Squamish and Whistler asbestos testing. We make it easy to book our asbestos abatement team, just book the date your project needs to begin and end, and we guarantee 100% perfection.

Our fraser valley branch, that includes our fraser valley asbestos abatement team, offer services to Abbotsford, Mission, and Chilliwack asbestos testing. Whether your project is residential and commercial, we can assist you anytime. Book with us and we’ll make sure your abatement is completed on time.

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