Asbestos Removal

A Comprehensive Guide to Asbestos Removal

Whether you need asbestos removal at your personal home or a commercial building, our asbestos removal technicians can do it all! All of our personnel are WorkSafe BC Accredited as well as AHERA certified.

Our asbestos remediation team has years of experience working on residential homes. We also have a dedicated commercial asbestos removal team that has frequently worked with BC Housing for larger projects that have been done not only in Vancouver or the lower mainland, but all over British Columbia.

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Asbestos Abatement Steps

Once a hazardous materials survey is complete, our technicians can then move forward with the next steps of asbestos removal. Once we find where the asbestos containing building materials, our technicians will create a containment surrounding the materials that are to be removed. After all machines and equipment are tested to ensure they are operating at 100%, abatement of the asbestos materials can begin! During high risk asbestos abatement, air monitoring will be conducted in the containment to ensure asbestos fibres are kept as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA). If air monitoring lab results are higher than WorkSafe recommended guidelines, all asbestos abatement work must stop until engineering controls and procedures are reviewed and abatement can safely begin again. Asbestos air monitoring will also be conducted on the outside of the containment to ensure that they are no leaks in the containment that could be possibly contaminating materials outside of the containment. Once all bulk asbestos fibres are removed, materials will be HEPA vacuumed, wet wiped, and sprayed down with an encapsulate. Asbestos air clearance will then be conducted followed by an visual clearance inspection conducted by a AHERA/ WorkSafe accredited Qualified Person.

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