A group of mean participating in abestos testing in Vancouver.

Asbestos Testing in Vancouver

Asbestos Testing

Unfortunately, it's hard to know if you have asbestos in your home because it's often mixed with other materials. However, if you are renovating or demolishing a home built before 1990, it's likely that at least some parts of the home will contain asbestos. Asbestos is only harmful when materials containing asbestos are disturbed, so know where to look for it and how to remove it safely.

In order to properly identify asbestos in your home, you must hire a qualified testing company or asbestos surveyor. Green Clover Asbestos will take samples of possible asbestos-containing materials in your home, and send them to a lab for testing. We will then provide you with a report of the location of asbestos in your home.

Once you have identified the asbestos-containing materials in your home, the next step is to have the identified asbestos removed by us!  Once the work has been completed, we will provide you with a report confirming that all asbestos has been removed, and your property is ready for demolition or renovation.

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The safe removal and disposal of asbestos is a shared responsibility, and homeowners have a role to play. If you are renovating or demolishing a home that was built before 1990, there are two main steps you need to take to ensure the health and safety of everyone working on your project:

  • Identify asbestos-containing materials in your home
  • Safely remove any asbestos in your home