Asbestos Removal in Vancouver

A demonstration of our asbestos removal services in Vancouver

Asbestos Abatement Rules in Vancouver

With the growing health concerns regarding Asbestos Abatement, the City of Vancouver has implemented strict guidelines in the Asbestos Removal process.


Not only are all of our technicians AHERA and WorkSafe Certified, but we also conduct regular training exercises with City of Vancouver asbestos training officers.

Qualified Persons - Vancouver

Unique to the City of Vancouver, during any asbestos job, a "Qualified Persons" hired by the City of Vancouver will overlook and monitor the entire project.

Working Alongside WCB

Not only are we always working with "Qualified Persons" while doing Asbestos Removal in Vancouver, we always inform WorkSafe BC (WCB) about all of our projects so they can further assist us on improving our practices.

Post Asbestos Removal in Vancouver

Once all of the asbestos abatement is finished, the "Qualified Person" will do a final assessment to ensure the highest standard of quality is met.