Asbestos abatement and asbestos testing is done differently than in other municilaties. Green Clover Asbestos will work alongside a Qualified Professional that is from the City of Vancouver and will also complete an asbestos report on your project and conduct his own asbestos testing if he deems necessary. Once the asbestos report has been approved by the Qualified Professional, we can then begin the asbestos removal process. Once the asbestos abatement is completed, the qualified professional will come in to do a final inspection and check the asbestos air monitoring reports to give it a pass to move onto the next trade required.

Why You Need Professionals

Asbestos removal requires a thorough series of safeguards to keep the fibers out of your home’s or building’s air supply. All airways, doors and windows must be sealed off, and all dust must be vacuumed with specialized equipment that will capture all particulates.

When you hire professionals from Green Clover Asbestos Services, we will send our WorkSafe and AHERA-certified technicians to your property along with a Qualified Person from the City of Vancouver. All asbestos removal jobs are monitored by Qualified Persons to ensure that the job is done properly.

We also inform WorkSafe BC about all of our asbestos removal projects in Vancouver so that we can utilize their additional services if necessary.

Asbestos removal should always be handled only by professionals. When you need asbestos removal, call (778) 939-8475.


Cities We Serve!

We service a large variety of cities! While we primarily operate our Vancouver asbestos testing, we also provide our asbestos abatement services in Richmond and Burnaby! One of the many benefits of using us is that Green Clover Asbestos serves over 15 locations so you can be confident that we can serve your area.

Our range of cities we serve are far and wide! We offer our Asbestos Testing in multiple cities. We also offer asbestos testing outside of the lower mainland. We have Victoria asbestos testing, Kamloops asbestos testing and Kelowna asbestos testing. While we understand that these cities may be considered far from the city of vancouver and surrounding areas, our on the road team will make sure all of your abatement projects are done on time and safely.

After the asbestos testing, our asbestos abatement team can safely dispose of all asbestos containing materials such as drywall and vinyl flooring. We assure you that all of your testing and abatement needs are done on time and following all WorkSafe BC Safety precautions will be followed.

While working near north vancouver, we also offer services such as Squamish asbestos testing and whistler asbestos testing. We make it easy to book our asbestos abatement team, just book the date your project needs to begin and end, and we guarantee 100% perfection.

Our fraser valley asbestos testing branch, that includes our fraser valley asbestos abatement team, offer services to Abbotsford asbestos testing, mission asbestos testing and Chilliwack asbestos testing. Whether your project is residential and commercial, we can assist you anytime. Book with us and we’ll make sure your abatement is completed on time.


Green Clover Asbestos Info!

For expert asbestos testing and asbestos abatement services, look no further than Green Clover Asbestos. At Green Clover Asbestos, we make sure all of your residential and commercial projects are completed to your exact specifications. We make sure that our asbestos testing and asbestos abatement is done in a timely and safe manner as safety is our number one concern!

Whatever your needs are, whether is asbestos abatement on a small renovation or a large commercial building, Green clover asbestos can cater to your needs. with our vancouver asbestos abatement team, we make sure that all of your projects are done safely and right on schedule. Whether you have a full house renovation in mind or just a minor change, we have packages that will fit your every need. If you need an Full complete asbestos report detailing all asbestos and other hazardous materials we provide an all inclusive Asbestos report package. If you just however need to sample a few items, we have more affordable packages for the smaller jobs.

Along with the asbestos abatement of your project, we also offer air monitoring during the abatement as well as when the asbestos abatement has been completed. We do this to ensure quality control and all correct procedures have been followed to the owners satisfaction. Only a few asbestos companies are able to offer all Asbestos testing, Asbestos abatement, and air monitoring all in-house to help make sure your project moves along as fast and safe as possible.

So whether you need White rock asbestos testing or North Vancouver asbestos testing or all the way out to the fraser valley, Green Clover Asbestos can serve your area. Green Clover asbestos is often available for next day asbestos testing. In services further out, like Kelowna asbestos testing and Victoria asbestos removal, a few days notice of booking would be required. In regards to Surrey asbestos abatement and vancouver asbestos abatement, we would require 5 business days notice prior to beginning your asbestos abatement project. Asbestos air monitoring is required during high risk asbestos abatement work but it is up to the owners discretion if they would like the air monitoring service as it is not required by WorkSafe BC for Moderate risk work.

Where is Asbestos commonly found? There is asbestos in drywall, asbestos in vinyl flooring, asbestos in mastic, asbestos in stucco, asbestos in insulation among many others. The only way to accurately know where all asbestos containing materials are, is with asbestos testing and an asbestos report. Once our technicians come out to your job site and do the asbestos testing, we send the samples to our Langley asbestos testing lab and get the results within 3-5 business days. All of out technicians are WorkSafe BC Certified and approved.


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